Hodson P.I., LLC celebrates 15 years in business!

Fullerton, CA Release Date: “For Immediate Release”

Hodson P.I., LLC announced its 15th year anniversary as a professional investigative solutions firm


“I always recognized we would make it this far, and I expect Hodson P.I. to be around long after I’m gone”, said Justin D. Hodson, CPI the founder and lead investigator at Hodson P.I., LLC.

Justin D Hodson

Hodson P.I., LLC was founded in 2003 in the garage of Justin Hodson’s apartment. Now, it is a fully staffed investigations firm with multiple offices that help corporations, insurance firms and law firms with collecting information in civil matters.

Hodson P.I., LLC specializes in Surveillance, Social Media and Open Source investigations, locating individuals and other complex investigations.

For more information on Hodson P.I., LLC go to their website at www.HodsonPI.com

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