5 Signs That Your Girlfriend May be Cheating on You

You love your girlfriend with all your heart, and you really want to trust her. Even so, you have noticed some troubling signs and started wondering if you are the only man in her life. Knowing that your girlfriend has been cheating on you may be devastating to your relationship and self-esteem, but not knowing can be just as awful. If you see any of these signs, you need to find out if your girlfriend has been as faithful as you have.

#1. She’s Sporting a New Scent
A sudden change in the perfume she wears may not be cause for concern. She could just be trying to spice things up and make herself feel more attractive. What should worry you is the lingering scent of a man’s cologne. A casual lunch with a male coworker is unlikely to leave a noticeable residue, but a lunchtime romp with a new playmate certainly might.

#2. She Just Bought a New Sexy Wardrobe
That new Victoria’s Secret bra or sexy lingerie might be for your benefit, or it might be for her new boyfriend. If her sexy new wardrobe comes with a corresponding increase in sexual activity, you can count yourself a lucky man. If she looks sexy but shows no interest in sex, a new boyfriend is probably in the picture.

#3. She Finally Stopped Nagging You
You might think that a sudden lack of nagging would be a good thing, but it could be a sing that your girlfriend has stopped caring and already moved on, at least in her mind. If your girlfriend does have a new beau, she may be less interested in your perceived lack of personal hygiene or personality flaws.

#4. She Shows Little Interest in Sex
Everyone has a headache now and then, but a total lack of interest in sex is almost always a bad sign. If you have noticed a sudden drop-off in your bedroom activities, cheating may be to blame.

#5. You Catch Her in a Lie
Lying about where she has been or who she has been with is always a bad sign. Even if she is not cheating, lying to your face shows a serious lack of respect and trust. If the lies are frequent and inexplicable, you may have a cheating girlfriend on your hands.

If you see any of these red flags flying, it is time for a frank discussion with your girlfriend. Cheating is a serious matter, and shattered trust can be nearly impossible to rebuild. The sooner you find out what is really going on, the sooner you, and your girlfriend, can get on with your lives.

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