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Trust is a business theme perfectly suited legal advisers and offices, lawyers, attorneys, and other legal and law related services. We have started as a sole practitioner providing services to the area community. Aiming to provide high quality legal consultancy, support and results for your legal issues. Using their expertise and experience, Trust law firm documents and builds their clients’ cases to obtain the best results they could achieve.


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Hodson PI 15th Anniversary

Hodson P.I., LLC celebrates 15 years in business!

  Fullerton, CA Release Date: “For Immediate Release”   Hodson P.I., LLC announced its 15th year anniversary as a professional investiga...
Social Media Investigation - Hodson P.I. Investigations

Social Media for Attorneys

With social media becoming more ingrained into our everyday routines, it still has a “wild west” feel to it when it comes to investigations. It’...

Investigator helping children have a better Christmas in Orange County, CA.

Firefighters can be heroes in many ways beyond the obvious. Not only do they put out fires and save lives, but they often without much fanfare improve...

Wildfires have been ravaging through California

Wildfires have been ravaging through California, burning down homes and even putting lives in danger. . In partnering with the California Association ...