Benefits of Social Media Investigations

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Social Media InvestigationsHow can social media investigation help your case?  Well, with over 3.03 billion social media users in the world and a vast amount of user content posted daily; there are numerous ways an online investigation aid in your matter.


Identifying Potential Case Witnesses

In our past cases, we have used social media to identify potential witnesses.  Identifying witnesses can be completed in several ways.  One method is Geo-fencing searches to the area of the incident.  Often, witnesses will tweet or post information about incidents they have witnessed.  In one recent case, we searched for Twitter and Facebook posts, focusing on the exact area of the incident.  This search developed four additional previously unknown witnesses.


Obtaining Information that Refutes a Litigant’s Claims

This is an understood benefit of social media investigations.  However, the evidence needs to be documented and preserved correctly. In a recent case, we were able to secure video footage of a subject at a New Years party.  The video was of her dancing and have a great time, refuting her claims.


Preparation for Deposition or Trial

Social Media investigations can provide character information on deponents and witnesses.  Research can reveal information about their background, associations with case related people and businesses, hobbies and other related information.  In a recent case, we were able to prove that an alleged witness was a close friend of the plaintiff.  The plaintiff never disclosed this information.


Preparation for Sub-Rosa surveillance

It is our opinion that before any Sub-Rosa surveillance is started, you must look for social media evidence. Findings can assist in planning the surveillance times and dates, locate work location, vehicle information, and additional data.  In some cases, we might not even need to schedule the surveillance due to the social media postings and evidence found.  In a recent case, we located upcoming planned events that allowed us to schedule surveillance at a certain time and date to capture critical evidence.


Discovering When a Litigant Has Deleted Posts

Often critical evidence is posted by a litigant and then deleted.  It is crucial to secure and preserve this evidence before it is deleted.  In cases when evidence is deleted, we can establish through proprietary processes to reveal that the post has been deleted.  Preserve the evidence before deletion is best practice.


There are many other benefits to social media investigations.  It’s important when hiring an investigator that they have a clear understanding of how social media works and how to properly capture this evidence.  Hodson P.I., LLC are experts in social media investigations and preservation. Contact our firm today for a free consultation on your matter.

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