California Private Investigator is now accepting BitCoin


Justin D. Hodson, CPI of Hodson P.I. Professional Investigations announced Friday that his private investigations firm is now accepting Bitcoin for payment.  Mr. Hodson was quoted as say, “Money is Money.  We can take all forms of payment and Bitcoin is just another form of payment.  If you need reliable quality service from a professional investigations firm, then Hodson P.I. is here to supply that to you.“  When asked about the volatility of the currency Mr. Hodson stated, “We capture the Bitcoin at the rate during the transaction and immediately exchange it for U.S. Dollars.  There is never a loss on our end.”  The volatility of the currency has been extreme in the recent months.    

Bitcoin is a recently popular digital currency that is exchange don the internet.  Bitcoin was originally developed as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto.  Bitcoin recently became popular because of the rise in value of the peer to peer digital currency.

Mr. Hodson has been a private investigator since 1999.  Hodson P.I. Professional Investigations was found in Orange County in 2003 by Mr. Hodson.  The firm is a full service investigations firm that serves all of California.  Their website is

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