Hodson PI LLC, your trusted partner in expediting the resolution of insurance and legal claims. For claims professionals, streamlining the claims process is paramount. We specialize in providing tailored investigative solutions to help you locate and secure critical evidence from claimants, insured parties, witnesses, and other relevant parties. Additionally, we offer notary investigator services to assist in securing signed documents and declarations. Allow us to demonstrate how our expertise can be the key to efficiently resolving your claims.

Claims Support

How Hodson PI LLC Can Assist Claims Professionals:

At Hodson PI LLC, we understand the unique challenges that claims professionals face in the insurance and legal industries. Our investigative solutions are designed to simplify the claims process and provide you with the support you need.

1. Evidence Location:

Our experienced investigators excel at locating and securing crucial evidence, whether it’s from claimants, insured parties, witnesses, or other involved parties. We understand the importance of timely and accurate evidence collection, and we are committed to ensuring you have what you need to build strong and defensible cases.

2. Notary Investigator Services:

In situations where securing signed documents and declarations is essential, our notary investigators are readily available to assist. We can help facilitate the notarization process, ensuring that all necessary documentation is properly executed and legally binding.

3. Streamlined Process:

We work diligently to simplify the claims process for you. Our team is well-versed in efficient evidence collection and notary services, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your claims management.

4. Timely Reporting:

We provide you with timely updates and comprehensive reports throughout our investigative process. This ensures that you have a clear understanding of the progress and any critical findings related to your claims.

5. Customized Solutions:

Every claim is unique, and we tailor our investigative solutions to meet the specific requirements of your case. Whether you need evidence location, notary services, or a combination of both, we are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

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