Q: What is the cost of a Family Law Investigation?

Orange County Private Investigator Family law investigationsA: The cost of a family law investigation depends on many factors: the type of case, if children are involved, and what the end goal is. These factors, along with others, determine the amount of time that will be attributed to a case. We have an hourly rate for these investigations. The time spent will ultimately determine the cost of your investigation. There are also many different investigative services that we can do depending on what the objective is. From surveillance to background investigations, we can offer these for your family law investigation. And these services vary in the time that it takes. Based on the past 20 years worth of cases, our firm concludes that the average final total in a family law investigation was between $2000 and $5000. With family law investigations, you will be in communication with our private investigator and receive a formal report at the end of the investigation.

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