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We offer a free instant quote for most of our investigations.  This instant online quote will supply you with an idea how much you investigation may cost.  It is a not an all inclusive or exact estimate.  Every investigation is different and some variations in the overall cost may exist.  However, this free and instant quote will provide you will an idea of costs for your particular need.  It must be said that all investigations firms are different and with such charge differently.  In the investigations field, the cheapest is by far the best.  We guarantee that you have come to the right firm for your investigative needs with extreme results at a reasonable rate.

Please locate the type of service you need below in the drop-down menu. Once you locate the service you need, click on it and wait to be directed to the respective instant quote page. For Mexico and other international investigations Click Here.

Once you have made a selection this page will redirect to the appropriate quote page.