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At Hodson P.I., LLC, we have always recognized the need to deliver high-quality, diligent, and ethical investigations that are low cost. Ultimately, our job is to save our client’s capital, this being either by providing practical, high-quality information that settles matters quickly or by our overall efficient services.

Our economy is not in the best shape, with our country’s GDP hitting an all-time low and our deficit at an all-time high. Intelligent leaders must look for cost-cutting actions. That’s where Hodson P.I. will step in. We will always be a leader in superior investigative results that are cost-focused and with our competitive rates.   

With over 20 years in the investigative business, Hodson P.I. will continue to provide high-quality results, guaranteed.

Allow us to provide you quote on any of our services today.  Feel free to request our service guide as well via our contact page.

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