High-Quality Reports are Important for Every Investigation and Client

Hodson P.I. takes reports seriously and they are ultimately the product we are selling to our clients. Reporting encompasses the final determination and results of the investigations we conduct. These reports need to be detailed and the information needs to be laid out correctly in a way the reader can easily find important details and determine the overall results of the investigation.

We provide detailed, high-quality reporting that is easily discernable and summarizes all our efforts. The information the client is looking for regarding the investigation can be found in the table of contents. There are links within the table of contents that are clickable and once you click on a specific section, you will then be taken directly to that section of the report.

Reports with a Quality Control Checklist

At Hodson P.I., our high-quality reports go through an extensive quality control process. One of our investigators writes their report and then it is given to our quality control department. They verify that all the information that was obtained during the investigation can be found in the report. They also complete grammar, punctuation, and proofreading checks. Furthermore, it is reviewed by the case manager and the investigator together once more before being sent to the client.

Hodson P.I. takes great pride in our reporting for our clients. We ensure they get the best quality product with all pertinent information from the investigation. Sample reports can be requested via email and are available for potential and current clients. Viewing the sample reports will give you an idea of what reports for different specific investigations will look like.

Often Hodson P.I. reporting is attorney-client privileged work. Some opinions and observations may be classified as attorney-client work privilege. Note that this may be dependent on the engagement of our office, our contract, and a general understanding between our firm and the client. Employees of the Hodson P.I. firm are not attorneys and we cannot provide legal advice or conduct further research on case law. Queries around these subjects should be brought to and conducted by a licensed attorney.

Hodson P.I. Practices Sustainability with Digital Reporting

To practice sustainability and avoid mass amounts of paper waste and mailing, Hodson P.I. only provides digital reporting. This allows us to email the reporting to the client via a file attachment included in the email or via a link to our secure cloud server. This link may include digital files, digital videos, multimedia videos, slides, and other pertinent information that will assist the client’s case. The report itself also includes clickable links.

The reports that we provide our clients are ultimately what our clients are paying for. They are also paying for the hours and time our investigators spent completing the investigation, this includes field and office work. However, the final product we are providing is the results of the investigative reports.  

Attorneys use our high quality reports as evidence in their investigations.

Our digital reporting is secured and converted through Adobe PDF products. The digital high-quality report we provide you with is secured with encryption and digitally signed by the case manager, investigator, or the firm’s owner, Justin Hodson. Once it is digitally encrypted and signed, the digital report cannot be altered in any way. It is secured from revisions, viruses, and malware within an online cloud server. Moreover, the server is encrypted with a two-step authentication sign-in process as an added security measure.

We Prioritize Digital Protection and Security

For our sub-rosa surveillance reports and video captures, we provide our clients with the digital report and video via the secured cloud link and we also can provide clients with this digital evidence in hard copy USB or CD format. We also have a similar process for the social media investigations we conduct. For social media, we offer our Court Ready Capture™ which is our proprietary process to preserve online and social media evidence. For social media investigative reports, we also provide you with metadata which is time-stamped, and a summary of basic information of the electronic data obtained from the subject’s social profiles. This is included with your report as additional digital evidence you can utilize for your case in court.

We prioritize our security and digital protection processes when it comes to reports and all digital evidence. Our security is constantly audited by an outside IT company, as well as internal protocol procedures that are in place for informational security. Our information security policy for digital evidence and digital reporting is available upon request.

We Provide Superior Court-Ready Reports

Hodson P.I’s high-quality reporting has proven valuable and has been upheld in trials and depositions a multitude of times. The reporting can be presented by the case manager, lead investigator, or the owner of Hodson P.I. Our reporting has proven to be superior court-ready evidence in trials, depositions, and other sworn testimony.

Hodson P.I. is a full-service investigations firm that provides services including background investigations, locate investigations, surveillance, insurance defense, heir-at-law investigations, and many more. You can see our full investigative services list here.

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