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Being a Professional Investigator is defined by many things. I told myself a long time ago that I want to change the public perception of a private investigator. A perception of a sneaky, behind the shadows type that may do things in the “grey area”. The truth is the majority of the Professional Investigators out there are far from this perception. One part of being a professional investigator is helping others. I and my team have been doing that for over 15 years. Hodson P.I. is a regular supporter on many not for profit organizations. Hodson P.I. has conducted Pro Bono investigations for Non-Profits and Individuals many times, now and in the past. I have served on the board of directors for many of non-profits, using my business prowess to guide them in the right direction. Moreover, I volunteer my time and money to several good causes.

Most recently, I visited one of my favorite organizations, The Orange County Ronald McDonald House. The Orange County Ronald McDonald House is a not for profit organization that provides living quarters and food for families who have children in the children hospital. Most of the time the children are terminally or critically ill. This allows the families of the children to have a bed and food next door to the hospital. Although the organization is called the Ronald McDonald House, they are separate and independent from the McDonald’s Corporation. As such, they need donations and help from businesses and individuals.

On October 15, 2014, we donated $1000 to the Ronald McDonald House of Orange County. It not much, but a $1000 can host a family for 100 days! If your would like to know more about this non-profit please go to their website at http://ronaldhouseoc.org.

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