Hodson P.I. Donated to the Middle School Band

The Hodson P.I. team and Justin D. Hodson, CPI are so thankful for the opportunity to help others in the community. Our investigative team was blessed to have the chance to help Grandview School in Los Angeles County, California. Their music department was in search of funds to build a drum set for the school’s students. They had not had a drum set prior and it had been a low priority for the school district.  Hodson P.I., LLC donated to the middle school band and provided the school with funds to purchase the drum set. The students are now able to practice using and performing with this other instrument within the music department and the school’s band.

Hodson P.I. takes pride in donating and serving the needs of our surrounding communities. Justin Hodson has donated thousands of dollars to many of the local charities and continues to give his time and money to notable organizations and programs. You can see how Justin Hodson and his family has donated and supported charities and non-profits over the years that he has been in business.

If you have a notable charity that you think Hodson P.I. should support, please contact us today. We are always looking for ways to support our surrounding communities.

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