Hodson P.I. Donates to Middle School Band

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help others in the community. I was blessed to have the opportunity to help Grandview School in Los Angeles County, California. Their music department was in search for funds to build a drum set for the school’s students. I was able to help them with the funds to purchase the drum set.


Mr. Brown’s Class

What I want to share are these wonderful letters some of the students sent me. This was truly a gift and a pleasant surprise. Thank you to Mr. Brown and his student for writing me and allowing me to help them with their futures.

Kids Letters0006 Kids Letters0005 Kids Letters0004 Kids Letters0003 Kids Letters0014 Kids Letters0013 Kids Letters0012 Kids Letters0011 Kids Letters0010 Kids Letters0009 Kids Letters0008 Kids Letters0007 Kids Letters0002



























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