Watching the Company Grow

By Daniel Millhouse, LPI, Senior Case Manager

              In my seven years with Hodson P.I., I’ve watched the company grow from just Justin and myself to the company growing in size to over forty strong. We moved several times during these years, including finally buying our own office building because we kept growing too large for the offices we were leasing. Our team even has a presence in other states, such as Texas.

None of this is by accident. Over the years, we hired a variety of new and seasoned investigators, each bringing their expertise and skillsets with them, which we have utilized effectively to produce quality results on our reports. Each of our investigators also has the need built in them to meet and exceed our client’s expectations when possible. I can say without a doubt there are no lazy employees at Hodson P.I.

It’s because of the drive of our investigators that, even though we have grown this far already, our company is still continuing to grow. In the first quarter of 2023, we hit our company’s highest sales numbers, and the second quarter looks like it will be even more robust.

Despite how busy we’ve been, Hodson P.I. still has managed to donate and participate in various charitable needs. Some benefactors have included the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Habitat for Humanity, and the Orangewood Children & Family Center. Justin has also been known to look for more organizations that could use our helping hand.

As a company, Justin also rewards his staff more frequently than with other companies I have previously worked with. We have a work hard, play hard environment. It’s not uncommon for Justin to rent a box suite at an Angels game, take them team bowling, or have a company get-together at places like Dave & Buster’s. He believes in rewarding his employees for the hard work they do. Hodson P.I. even has a built-in system within the company in which employees can reward each other, using these rewards for gift cards. Some Hodson P.I. employees even use these rewards to donate to charity.

The way I see it, I see myself retiring with Hodson P.I. Of course, that will be years from now, and that’s not something I was able to say with the past companies I was employed by. We are a successful company that only looks like it will grow stronger in the future, and there is no one else I would rather be working for.

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