Photo of Hodson PI team based in Temecula, CA - a full service private investigations agency covering all of California.

Who Are We?

Hodson P.I., LLC is a licensed, professional private investigations firm serving all of California.  Hodson P.I., LLC is an approved, and licensed Limited Liability Investigations Corporation. Our coverage area is the entire state of California, with services in other select States and Countries.  The firm was founded in 2003 by world-renowned private detective Justin D. Hodson, CPI who has been conducting investigations since 1999. Justin Hodson has equipped a team of private investigators who diligently serve our clients needs.  To learn more about our owner and lead investigator Justin D. Hodson, Click Here. Since 2003, Hodson P.I., LLC has been providing professional and superior investigative services to the public, businesses and municipal entities.

Here at the Hodson P.I. firm, we have J.D. investigators. This means that our case managers have their Juris Doctorate law degrees. They have a grasp on the rules of legal and admissible evidence, civic and criminal law, and the legal language used in a variety of cases. Our private investigators keep on top of new trends, laws, services, case law, and technologies for our clients. Their knowledge of legal matters is an invaluable asset to our investigations because it allows cases to be assessed and presented in a court-ready fashion. With methodical research and reporting from our investigators, we provide essential support to attorneys and legally gather evidence that will hold up in court.

Hodson P.I., LLC investigators, are not attorneys and can not provide legal advice.

Why Choose Us?

Hodson P.I., LLC has been conducting professional investigations throughout the world since 2003.  We have the resources and experience to handle any investigation.  World-renowned private investigator Justin D. Hodson, CPI heads our firm. We are licensed in the State of California, but have a large network of private investigators that span across the world.

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