Ms. Aleta Mitchell, JD, LPI, SMIA is a professional Case Manager at Hodson P.I., LLC with a focus on complex investigations including; online research, social media investigation, open-source intelligence, comprehensive background checks, and more.  She works from our Texas office. She is a licensed California and Texas private investigator.

While at our firm, Aleta has been a critical team player in several large legal matters and investigations. In addition to her education and background, Aleta is a Certified Social Media Intelligence Analyst.

Aleta Mitchell

Before coming to Hodson P.I., LLC, Aleta has worked as a Certified Law Clerk for the Fortin Law Group, the Orange County District Attorney’s office, and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. 

Aleta Mitchell attended Whittier Law School and graduated magna cum laude, graduating in the top 15% of her class. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science.

Hodson P.I., LLC recruits only the best talent to handle our clients’ investigations. Aleta is a proven dedicated and trusted research that can help any client with their online investigative needs. Our team members are here to help you now. Contact us today to assist with your investigation needs.

In her off time, Aleta enjoys reading, playing video games, and hiking.

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