Alison Peacock, JD


Alison Peacock, JD is a Partner at Hodson P.I., LLC.  She manages our team of investigators and focuses on cases with complex matters involving claims and legal matters.  Alison assists attorneys nationwide with their requests.  Ms. Peacock comes to us from the Riverside County District Attorney’s office where she worked as a Law Clerk and Victim’s Advocate.  Currently, she handles case management, attorney services, consultations, and trial prep for numerous hearings and trials.

Ms. Peacock currently works on complex requests at our firm and is experienced in evasive service of process and surveillance investigations. She also is the surveillance manager for all of the requests we receive. She has been with Hodson P.I. since 2018 and started here as an assistant case manager. Alison is a hard worker and manages a large team of case managers.

She has a Master of Arts Degree in Forensic Psychology and a Juris Doctor degree from Western State College of Law. Alison Peacock has also published The Write of Your Life ™, The Impact of Self-esteem and Self Efficacy in At-Risk Youth.  She is also a three-time Gold Medalist in Piano with a National Certificate of Merit.

In her off time, she plays golf and participates in non-profit activities. Alison also spends time with her husky, Bruce Wayne.

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