Destiny Lalonde is one of our investigative analysts. She graduated from the Cal-State University of Fullerton with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications in 2021. Her focus here at Hodson P.I. is on social media investigations, court research, and Heir-at-Law investigations. Her responsibilities change depending on the type of investigation she is working on each day. She is a helpful team member and assists with multiple cases at a time.

Destiny Lalonde - Hodson P.I.

Destiny joined the Hodson P.I. team in January 2022. She came to our team with experience in research and journalism. Her keen eye and eagerness to take initiative on cases have contributed to successfully completing our client’s cases. Destiny works under Kristen Kornoff currently who runs the Heir-at-Law department. Her daily work consists of research and making phone calls to potential heirs to assist law firms in sorting out the family members of the decedent in the case for future possible settlements. Destiny also writes her reports after conducting research on decedents’ heirs for the Heir-at-Law investigations.

In her off time, Destiny Lalonde enjoys writing, petting goats, and exploring different restaurants.

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