Jordan PaytonJordan Payton

Mr. Jordan Payton is one of our field investigators.  Mr. Payton was personally trained by Justin Hodson on complex surveillance investigations, and service of legal documents.

Mr. Jordan Payton’s career in surveillance began during his service with the United State Marine Corps.  Mr. Payton served with honor in combat in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan. After serving his country honorably, Mr. Payton started working with the local Sheriff’s department in Denton, Texas while attending the University of North Texas.  After receiving his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, Mr. Payton worked other investigations firms in Texas, conducting surveillance and managing cases.  Afterwards, Mr. Payton moved back to  his home state of California, Hodson P.I., LLC recruited Mr. Payton for his drive, surveillance expertise and intelligence.  After an extensive training process by Justin Hodson, Mr. Payton has become an exceptional asset to any surveillance investigation.  Because of his education, training, experience and talent, Mr. Payton brings superior investigative expertise to every engagement on behalf our firm

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