Lauren Schueller

Lauren Schueller - Hodson P.I.

Lauren Schueller is the Quality Control Manager at Hodson P.I., LLC.  Lauren assists Justin Hodson with day-to-day operations and helps manage our Service of Legal Process department. Justin Hodson personally trained Schueller.  Her knowledge, skills, and abilities make her a great asset to the Hodson P.I. team.  She is diligent in her work and always works with a smile on her face. Our client is in excellent hands when working with Lauren.

Lauren Schueller comes to Hodson P.I., LLC from the United States Marines Corps where she was a corrections specialist and Brig Company Clerk.  She was stationed in Japan and is originally from the state of Texas.

She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration & management. Lauren Schueller has been with the Hodson P.I. team since 2017 and knows the ins and outs of the investigations industry. Along with managing operations, she analyzes reports and oversees the intake and outtake processes of all cases that come from our clients. She also trains our new employees on our daily processes.

In her off time, Lauren is a PTA Board Member for her local school, and she enjoys listening to music and playing video games with her sons.

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