Online Investigation Status

Our investigations firm offers the ability to look up the current status of your investigation, view and download reports, notes, videos, pictures and more.  Once contracted with our firm you will receive a link and password to view your case status page.

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Hodson P.I. is dedicated to transparency and regular updates with all of our customers.  In an effort to continue this commitment our firm created a secure online system to keep our clients updated.  This online system provides all the information our clients need.  Upon completion of the investigation our system will upload reports, video and any evidence.  This information will be stored for 90 days after the investigation or longer if requested.

Worried about propriety or sensitive information?  Our investigations management system was built from the first line of code with government- and enterprise-grade security in mind.  Each file is masked behind an anonymous 128-bit MD5 hash as soon as it touches the server, and requests for files are transparently routed through databases time-tested URL rewriting, authentication, and permission systems.