With qualified private investigators based in Irvine, California, we are the premier source for hiring an Irvine private investigator. We believe that our services are far more useful than those based outside the Irvine, California area. A private detective needs to be highly effective, and those, which are familiar with the area where they are working, are more effective than those based in outside areas are. We proudly offer our high-quality private investigation services in Irvine and all of its surrounding areas.

The city of Irvine is considered a medium-sized, suburban city with a population of around 245,000.  Irvine has its own city council and police department.  Its website is http://www.cityofirvine.org.

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We Provide All Investigative Services

No matter the sort of investigative services you need, our well-established private investigations firm can cover it. This includes background checks, investigations to locate individuals, surveillance and trial support, as well as witness statements. These services are available on a local basis, as well as wherever our clients need us to be, anywhere in the world. Each private investigator in our firm is very effective, highly trained, and available to meet your needs for a private detective, no matter how complex or simple. We proudly employ the best-known and most highly respected individuals in the field of private investigations.

Our firm was founded in order to help ordinary people get the investigative services they need without a lot of hassle. Each of our professional and highly trained private investigators lives and works in Irvine or one of its surrounding areas. Our investigators also each have an extensive amount of experience in the field of private investigations. We carry out investigations in Irvine and the surrounding areas; it is with great pride that we live, work and serve the outstanding citizens in the Irvine, California area.

If you are in need of the services of a private detective for any reason, please contact us for a free quote for your investigation. No matter your investigative needs, we have an experienced and professional private detective who can help you.