When looking to find out information on a person, it is vital to utilize someone with the experience needed to get the job done. Thankfully, in Orange County, CA, investigations are handled through individuals licensed by the state. A licensed private investigator has the experience and training needed to help solve any mystery that may be troubling you. Here are some things to look for, when selecting a detective to conduct Orange County private investigations.

The Location

A good private investigator will know the area very well. There are thousands of unique spots filled with information and contacts that need to be made with members of the local government. When looking for someone to help dig up some information, make a point to utilize the services of someone close by. For instance, Fullerton, CA, has an ample supply of detectives available, if you know where to look.

The same goes if you are investigating someone, not from the immediate area. Do not be afraid to approach a local detective and see if he knows anyone in the target’s area that will be suited for the task.


Private detectives usually enter their field after serving on the police force in some capacity. The reason is simple, the private sector offers greater freedom and better benefits than the public sector. The education requirements for a position in this industry are high, with a specialized degree program grounded heavily in the law.

When selecting a PI, ask about prior cases that they had worked on. See if their experiences match up with what you need. For instance, an investigator who mainly handles cheating spouses will be poorly suited to vouch for a potential business partner. If in doubt, contact another detective and ask his opinion. This industry is tight-knit, with everyone bumping into each other.

As always, feel free to call or email, anytime for a free online quote. Our professional team of investigators is ready to tackle and deliver results for all of your Orange County private investigations needs.