Shari Ullian is an investigative analyst on the Hodson P.I. team. She handles report writing for many different types of investigations that we perform at Hodson P.I. and analyzes reports. Proofreading is also a vital skill she uses in her day-to-day duties. Shari has experience working in a library and has been with the Hodson P.I. team since the beginning of 2022. Shari writes multiple reports each day at the office.

Shari Ullian - Hodson P.I.

Shari Ullian is a vital part of the team as she is one of the last people to view the Court-Ready report before it is sent out to the client. Her favorite part of working at Hodson P.I. is writing the reports as she got her degree in English Literature. Shari also likes how each report is different and how she is able to see the case progress from the start to the end. She enjoys writing locate investigation reports and service of process reports the most. However, she does write reports for every investigation type, except for vehicle locates.

In Shari’s off-time, she enjoys spending time with her cats and family and doing stained glass mosaics.

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