Taylor Scarcella is an investigative analyst at Hodson P.I., LLC. She is one of the team members who write our high-quality investigation reports and conducts online research for many of our investigations.

Taylor received her Masters degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology from UC Irvine in 2021. Before working for our firm, she worked as a jury research consultant with a trial consulting firm. In that position, she conducted mock trials for large-scale corporate legal cases and civil litigation.

In her free time, she enjoys playing the drums and the bass. She also likes watching live music performances and is a frequent concert-goer. She especially likes alternative pop and indie concerts.

Taylor Scarcella is an asset to our team as she plays a role in creating the final work product. Our reports are taken through an extensive quality control process and she makes sure they are detailed and accurate for our clients. From heir-at-law investigation reports to multiple services of process cases, she is able to diligently write what our investigators did from start to finish in the investigation reports.

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