Our firm can help you locate and interview witnesses and establish a record of the event above and beyond the police accident report. Automobile accident investigations are one of many services we offer at Hodson P.I.  Our firm does not offer accident reconstruction but has qualified referrals that we have done business with for over 10 years. Our senior case manger, Daniel Millhouse, LPI, is the head of the vehicle locate investigations that we perform and has been managing these cases for over 5 years.

We have completed thousands of automobile investigations to locate witnesses and vehicles. Our experienced and professional investigators are able to handle any of your automobile accident investigative needs. Along with vehicle locate investigations, we also offer scene canvass investigations for the scene of the accident. We have completed scene canvasses to take pictures of the stoplights and objects surrounding the vehicle crash site and have conducted neighborhood canvasses to ask if they witnessed the accident. Our team is able to utilize research resources and other investigative techniques to obtain the answers you need for your case.

Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions and to assign an investigator to your automobile accident investigations case.

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