Background Checks

A background check investigation is essential to provide information about the individual of your investigation.  If you are an attorney, party in litigation, individual or business and need to know more about the opposing side, witness or any individual, we can help.  It is vital to have the upper hand in your case.  Information collected through a background check will provide you with the power to make decisions.

Background Checks can be helpful in these cases:

 Frequently Ask Questions About Background Checks

Hodson, P.I. conducts background investigations to develop information on litigation history, criminal history, their mode of living, their social networking presence and other public records.

Some of the developments we can locate in a background check:

  • Criminal Records
  • – Divorce Files
  • – Marriage Records
  • – Property Records
  • – Address History
  • – Business Information
  • – Hidden Assets
  • – Phone Numbers
  • – Much More

Hodson P.I. will provided you with a detailed background check report.  The report will lay out all records and information gathered by our investigators.  The information located, confirmed and double checked by a licensed private investigator.  Contact our Private Investigators today to conduct comprehensive background check.  Click Here for a free quote.