Criminal Records – Background Check

Criminal Records - Court Records - Background checksCriminal records are spread out through many different sources.  Criminal records can be at a local courthouse, county court, state, and federal depending on where the subject has resided and traveled too.  Many other companies simply do an online search, this will not reveal everything. Most of the time, these simple third-party searches reveal very little.  Also, simply checking your local clerks office is not a diligent search.  If you hire our firm to locate criminal court records, we will use our resources to check all  records at all levels.

Simple online searches don’t work. It’s a fact that in this day of age you can easily find a website offering “criminal records”.  However, often these websites are selling you very limited information that is often old, no all-inclusive and wrong.  Hodson P.I., LLC has developed a process to supply our clients with the most ethical, diligent, and comprehensive record search.

We will supply you with a detailed report of all our findings.  This report will include all available details on the found criminal records.  The details are cross verified with the source.

Contact our firm today to perform a diligent full resource criminal records search.

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