Hodson P.I., LLC conducts business investigations

When conducting investigations on businesses, you need experienced investigators to supply valuable and comprehensive results. Hodson P.I., LLC investigators are highly trained and certified investigators that are ready to help you with your business investigation. Our firm has been handling these types of investigations since 2003.

When Should You Conduct Business Investigations?

Companies should perform a background investigation when entering into a new relationship with another company that will form an important part of their operations.  Most companies would not consider hiring a new employee without performing a background investigation.  Yet a new business relationship can present as much or even more risk.  The common types of investigations needs include asset investigations and background investigations on key partners and businesses you are going into partnerships with. Background investigations will reveal what businesses and properties they own, as well as any civil and criminal records the subject may have.

Our expert professional investigators have over 20 years of experience with these types of investigations. Some may be more complex than others and you can talk with an investigator to strategize what service will best fit your needs. You can contact us today to start your investigation or to ask us any questions.