Civil Defense Investigations

Orange County Private Investigator Personal Injury investigationsHodson P.I. Professional Investigations can help you with your defense of your civil case.  We understand that in many cases plaintiffs might not be truthful in their allegations in your civil case.  Our expert investigators are trained in civil defense investigations, litigation support and testimony.  Our trained private detectives can work with legal counsel or the plaintiff directly.  We will provide you with a free consultation on all types of investigative services we can offer to build a stronger defense in your civil case.   Contact us today to help your civil defense investigation.

Types of Civil Defense Investigations:


Hodson P.I. Professional Investigations has been conducting civil defense investigations since 2003.  Our found and lead investigator, Justin D. Hodson, CPI has testified in 100’s of cases and has been a private investigator since 1999.  All civil defense investigation cases will be handled directly by Justin D. Hodson, CPI.  Our office will guide you through the process and provided you with a free quote on all of our services.