Family Law Investigations

Child Custody Investigations – Our firm can help you develop information in your child custody case, for your 730 evaluation or any family law investigation.  Our expert family law investigators can conduct a discreet and thorough investigation that can help your case.  The following are a few examples of the hundreds of cases we have worked in the past.

Examples of past Child Custody Cases:Orange County Private Investigator Family law investigations

  • – Proved neglect of child
  • – Collected evidence of custodial parent’s drug use
  • – Proved that non-custodial parent was not spending time with child during visitation.
  • – Collected evidence of alcohol abuse of non-custodial and custodial parents
  • – Proved and documented criminal records through a background check

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Law Investigations

 Child Support and Spousal Support Investigations

Often the opposing side will lie about financial information, current employment and currently living arrangements. The other side will do thing to limit the support liability.  Our family law investigators can investigate the other side claims.  The following are a few examples of the hundreds of cases we have working in the past.

Examples of past Child Support and Spousal Support Investigations:

  • – Found hidden assets and money
  • – Proved employment of spouse
  • – Proved cohabitation
  • – Found hidden active business
  • – Proved spouse was not truthful on financial statements


Contact us today to discuss your sensitive family law investigation.  At Hodson, P.I. we will manage your investigation in a professional and diligent manner.  When the time comes to present your evidence in court, be rest assured that your evidence will be presented properly.  Click Here for a Free Quote.