If a party died in a claim or case, an Heirs-at-Law investigation will be a good way to determine claim or case exposure.  In these cases, our objective is to find the next of kin of the deceased individual and determine who their family members are.

Once we determine and validate their family members and if they are married and if they have any children, we have assisted the insurance companies so that they can distribute the settlement to their rightful heirs. For further validation, we will make phone calls to possible friends and family members that were closely related to the decedent in the investigation.

Our investigators run various background reports and locate birth, death, and marriage certificates to use as evidence for the Heirs-in-Law cases.

The most important aspect of the Heirs-at-law investigation is verifying the information the insurance companies and family members provide us with. Our job is to ultimately create a report that highlights the individual’s family lineage. Our report includes all of the information we found for the decedent. If applicable, it will also include the following; the decedent’s children, parents, close family members, significant others, and others.

This is one of the many insurance investigation services we provide.