Signs He is Cheating on You

orange county private detective investigations infidelity cheating husband cheating wifeJustin D. Hodson, CPI, a world renowned private investigator and infidelity investigations expert created a list of the top ten signs that your boyfriend of husband might be having and affair.  All cases are different and the only true way to determine if there is infidelity is by conducting an investigation.

Top Signs that He is cheating on you:

  1. His work habits have changed.  He works longer and different hours.
  2. He does not answer simple questions.  If He deflects simple questions this is a sign she is hiding something.
  3. He had cheated before.  If he has cheated before, he more then likely is cheating again.
  4. There is a sudden shift in his priorities.  He is canceling on you. He is all the sudden busy and can not commit to things he normally would.
  5.  Lashing out.  He gets set off with every sentiment expressed by you.
  6. He has a mysterious friend.  Any friendship that is kept under wraps is a sign.
  7. He takes more care in personal hygiene.  Using a new cologne.  Purchased a new wardrobe.
  8. His cell phone habits have changed.  He placed a password on his phone.  He is hiding his phone from you.
  9. He is less affectionate.
  10. His computer habits have changed.


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