Signs She is Cheating on You

Orange County Private Investigator and detective cheating husband cheating wife infidelity affair adultryJustin D. Hodson, CPI, a world-renowned private investigator and infidelity investigations expert created a list of the top ten signs that your girlfriend or wife might be having an affair.  All cases are different and the only true way to determine if there is infidelity is by conducting an investigation.

The following are the top 10 signs developed by Justin D. Hodson, CPI.



Top Signs that She is cheating on you:

  1. She no longer wants to be around your side of the family or hang with your friends.
  2. She does not answer simple questions.  If she deflects simple questions this is a sign she is hiding something.
  3. There is a sudden shift in her priorities.  She is canceling on you.  She is all of a sudden busy and can not commit to things she normally would.
  4.  Lashing out.  She gets set off with every sentiment expressed by you.
  5. She has a mysterious friend.  Any friendship that is kept under wraps is a sign.
  6. She is now putting more effort into her looks.
  7. She becomes more autonomous.  She is no longer saying “we” and saying I.  She does not talk about “Our” future, but “My Future”.
  8. She keeps he schedule secret or in the dark
  9. She has no interest in sex.
  10. You do not exist to her.  Your opinion does not matter anymore.  She is not upset if you cancel plans with her.

Hodson P.I. has conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations. Our professional investigators handle these cases with care and will be discreet throughout each step. We have many techniques that we can use to discover the facts for your case.