Insurance Defense Investigations are complex investigation services that many private investigators offer but very few excel in. Hodson P.I., LLC has established a long list of services to help with all of your investigative needs.

Did you know that insurance companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fraudulent claims? Hodson P.I., LLC works for numerous large insurance corporations, helping them locate the truth with their questionable claims. Our team has been conducting investigations for pre-litigation insurance fraud cases for over 18 years and counting.

Do you suspect possible insurance fraud in your case? Do you need investigators to locate and/or contact subjects for your case? Do you need to obtain witness statements from people at the scene of the accident? These are just some examples of why you may need to hire your own private investigators for claims and cases. We deliver court-ready results to help your case in court and in pre-litigation matters.

Contact our expert, professional private investigators for your insurance defense investigations needs. We provide a full range of investigation services for insurance adjusters and attorneys that need assistance with these claims. You can see the services listed on our services page to learn more.