What is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funding occurs when a third-party unrelated to the lawsuit provides capital to a plaintiff involved in litigation in return for a portion of any financial recovery from the lawsuit. Traditionally, the funder is guaranteed a portion of any awarded damages, including feeds, judgments, or settlements.

Plaintiffs and litigation funders often insist that documents relating to the third-party litigation are privileged and/or protected because they reveal information about the claimant’s finances, the litigation budget, and insight into strategy. However, this information can be found with resources that we have available to us.

The Benefits of Conducting the Investigation

For attorneys and law firms, knowing if there is litigation funding gives you an upper hand in cases. Litigation funding searches can reveal information relating to the assessment of a case’s strengths, weaknesses, and value.

Finding out if the other party is receiving litigation funding from investors would reveal a plaintiff’s ability to afford litigation and would also allow a defendant to use that knowledge to force an otherwise unwilling plaintiff to settle.

Hodson P.I. LLC provides litigation funding search as one of our investigative services. We have the resources to find out if the plaintiff you are facing in court has received the funds or not. Ultimately finding this information will lead to greater success and strategy in the courtroom for your party.

As you may already know, Hodson P.I., LLC has been providing ethically and legally obtained information for nearly two decades.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive and diligent investigative results via the most professional and ethical means possible.  Please contact our offices today to assist you in your investigation. 

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