Locate Investigations

Locating people is not as easy as one might think.  In this day of age, many believe a simple internet search will locate the person they need to find.  This is not true.  Many online searches spew old or wrong information.  Sometimes that information is over two or three years old.  At our firm, we use resources that are not publicly available.  Using our resources and investigative skill, we have a high rate of success in our locate investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Locate Investigations

At Hodson P.I. we recognize that every investigation is different and should be handled differently.  Locating a witness for an interview needs to be handled much differently than locating a lost family member.  Our professional investigators will go over the entirety of the investigation with you and develop a strategic plan to ensure the best results in your investigation.  The investigator will continue constant communication throughout the case and provide you with updates. For our investigations, we use resources that we are able to access with our P.I. licensing and we verify all information we find for our report.  To request a quote for your investigations please click here or call 714-646-4545.

We can find anyone including:

– Witnesses

– Businesses

– Debtors

– Heirs

– Lost Loves

– Missing Relatives

– Old Friends

Contact us today with any questions about your investigations or to get a locate investigation started. Click here to be directed to our contact page or Call 714-646-4545.