Personal Injury Investigations

Orange County Private Investigator Personal Injury investigationsOur investigators specialize in personal injury investigations.  If it is Subrosa surveillance, witness interviews, or scene documentation, our experts will fully document the facts in your investigation.  Our investigators are trained in all areas of personal injury investigations.  Hodson, P.I. is where clients come when others have failed.

Surveillance – Our experts will set up a plan and goal to collect all of the facts in your personal injury investigation.  Our investigators will verify addresses and other information to make sure you have the most updated information on the subject of your investigation.  Our investigative planning and preparation helps our clients save time and money and get the most out of their investigation.  Using our time-tested process, our professional surveillance investigators will be fully prepared before conducting surveillance in your personal injury investigation.  Contact us today with any questions.   To assign a case, click here.

Statements – Our trained and experienced investigators will be able to secure detailed and thorough statements from the injured person and witnesses.  Our investigative statements will be supplied to you in a written report and can be recorded if needed.  We can also have the audio transcribed if requested. Witness statements establish a record.  It has been proven that collecting statements can assist in your personal injury investigation and in the courtroom.

Scene Documentation – It is crucial to document the scene of the accident.  Our investigation and scene documentation could establish third-party responsibility or information that was not disclosed by the injured through capturing photos and detailed notes from the scene.  Contact us today with any questions.   To assign a case, click here.

Hodson, P.I. is a professional private investigations firm based in Orange County, California.  We are ready to assist you in your personal injury investigation.