Our Registered Process Servers can serve your order to appear paperwork throughout the entire state of California and select other states. The Hodson P.I. team has licensed and registered process servers for California and other states. Contact Hodson P.I. Professional investigations today to serve your Order to Appear paperwork. If the other party is accepting the paperwork or is going to evade it, we can help you. If needed, we will conduct stakeout investigations in order to serve the order to appear paperwork to the subject. This ensures that we can serve them at the residence or office building in person and receive direct and immediate confirmation that the service is completed. 

Hodson P.I. has completed thousands of serves since our firm opened in 2003. Our investigators will diligently make multiple attempts to serve the other party in your case. We also are experienced in completing evasive serves when the subject has not been cooperative. With our years of experience, discreetness, and professionalism, we will conduct your service of process investigation in a timely and diligent manner.

Our registered process servers can help you today with your order to appear service of legal paperwork. Contact us today to assign us your case or to ask any questions.

order to appear service of process

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