Process Server Pricing

The process server pricing depends on the type of service, where the service is located, and how soon the service needs to be completed.  We have an hourly rate price for all of our investigations for the law firm and insurance clients. We also have an hourly rate for public clients. Our service of process investigations usually has a turnaround time of 7 to 10 business days.

If you are looking to do same-day service of process, or need it on a rush basis which is service within 7 days, you will be also charged a rush fee. This is a 15% fee added to the total cost of the investigation.

We believe our process server pricing is fair and competitive. All of our field investigators also are licensed process servers and we specialize in completing evasive serves. When speaking with one of our investigators, they will create a plan on when and how to serve the individual. Then, throughout the investigation, they will keep you updated with the service attempts completed.

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