Service of Small Claims Papers

Our Registered Process Servers can serve your Small Claims papers throughout the entire state of California and in select other regions and states. You can contact us or see our Areas we Serve page to determine if we can conduct the service of process in the city or region that you need. Contact Hodson P.I. Professional investigations today to serve your Small Claims legal paperwork. If the other party is accepting the paperwork or is going to evade it, we can help you.

We specialize in diligent evasive serves. Our field investigators will attempt multiple times until the subject has been properly served. All of our investigators are licensed registered process servers within California. We also have licensed and registered process servers in other select states in North America.

The general turnaround time for this type of service is 7-10 days on average. However, we do offer rush serve assignments that are accompanied by an extra rush fee. In some instances, we may be able to conduct a same-day service of process if we have investigators available in that area. However, we would ask that you call us directly if you are looking for someone to perform a same-day service. 

small claims service of process

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