Summons and Complaints

A summons and complaint is a notice to a defendant that a plaintiff has filed a case against him or her.  It provides legal notice that an action has been commenced in the court and that a judgment will be issued against him or her if the complaint is not answered within a certain time.  Civil Code of Procedure states that a Summons may be served by personal delivery.  However, summons and complaints can be substitute served to anyone over the age of 18 at the defendants address if a diligent attempt t0  personally serve was made.  In very rare cases, summons and complaints can be “published” in the event the person has “disappeared” and can no longer be located.  For additional information on Summons and Complaints and to hire our firm call or email anytime.

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Laws concerning investigations and service of process vary state by state. Please check your local laws before conducting any investigation or service of process.   Hodson and Associates, dba Hodson, P.I., Justin D. Hodson is not an attorney and does not provide legal advice.  The above information or any information on this site should NOT be consider legal advice.  For legal advice contact a licensed attorney.