Social Media Investigations

Social Media investigations is an area of expertise offered by many private investigators that requires more than just a simple understanding of Facebook and Twitter. This area of expertise is not new to Hodson P.I., LLC. Our investigations firm has been using the internet and specifically social networks in their investigations for over a decade.

Our highly trained and board certified social media and internet investigators can find and capture the information you need for your case. Whether it is a workers’ compensation case, personal injury, civil lawsuit or child custody case, our investigators will capture the information you need with the highest of capture software and to preserve the chain of custody. Our investigators have been trained to capture the social media and internet information ethically and legally. We provide a detailed report with the captured information. Our investigators can testify to all the captured information. All information provided to you is Court Ready.

When you think of social media, often you think of Facebook or Twitter. But most do not realize there are over 200 popular social media sites used by people every day all over the world. There are millions of apps, web pages, blogs, social networks, and other platforms for information and communication that span the entire globe. Intimate knowledge of not only the technology but also how it can be, obtained legally/ethically, handled and used will be required to conduct an online investigation successfully. Our investigators have a tried and true method to legally obtain information from the internet following all Federal and State laws including those that regulate the insurance and legal industry.

The following is a list of offered social media investigative services:

We offer social media investigations to attorneys, insurance firms and businesses. We do not offer social media investigations to the public.

Social Media Investigator are valuable in the following: Social Media Investigations | Hodson P.I., LLC

  • Insurance Defense Investigations
  • Pre-Trial Discovery
  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations
  • Workplace Harassment Investigations
  • Family Law Research
  • Jury Selection