Social Media Private Invetsigators - Court Ready CapturesCourt Ready Capture

Court Ready Captures is a developed a proprietary process to capture and preserve online and social media evidence.  This is much more than a standard simple screen shot. Hodson P.I., LLC has perfected the art of searching for an capturing online evidence.

You will supply our firm with links to online profiles, videos, photos, and sites.  We legally and ethically capture and preserve online evidence that is supplied by you to our firm.  You will be supplied with a report, a court ready capture with preservation files and metadata information.  These captures are court ready; authenticated and defensible evidence under ESI rule and Federal Rule of Evidence.

What is Captured?:

MetadataWhat is Metadata?
MD5 Hash ValuesWhat is MD5 Hash Values?
Screen Shot – A jpeg and/or PDF screen-shot is provided.
MHTML Document – A working and usable captured page that can view viewed with out an internet connection.  What is an MHTML Document?

The authentication of social media and electronically stored information (ESI) involves the following questions:
• How was the evidence collected?
• Where was the evidence collected?
• What types of evidence were collected?
• Who handled the evidence before it
was collected?
• When was the evidence collected?

Using our process and technology we answer these questions.  We capture and preserve your evidence in a timely and cost effective manner.   Contact us today to capture and preserve your online evidence.

Hodson P.I., LLC has been conducting Open-Source Investigations and Social Media Investigations since 2003.  Our professional licensed staff is highly qualified to research and capture you online evidence.