Social Media Private Invetsigators - Court Ready CapturesCourt Ready Capture™

Hodson P.I., LLC offers Court Ready Capture™, a proprietary process designed to capture and preserve online and social media evidence with utmost precision. Our expertise goes beyond simple screenshots, as we have mastered the art of searching and capturing online evidence.

When you provide us with links to online profiles, videos, photos, and websites, we ensure the legal and ethical capture and preservation of the supplied evidence. You will receive a comprehensive report, a court-ready capture accompanied by preservation files and metadata information. Our captures are authenticated and defensible evidence, compliant with ESI rules and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Key Features:

Authentication of social media and electronically stored information (ESI) often involves crucial questions such as how, where, and what evidence was collected, along with the individuals who handled it before collection. Our process and technology address these inquiries effectively. We capture and preserve your evidence in a timely and cost-effective manner.

With over two decades of experience, Hodson P.I., LLC has been at the forefront of Open-Source Investigations and Social Media Investigations since 2003. Our professional licensed staff possesses exceptional qualifications and expertise in researching and capturing online evidence.

Contact Hodson PI today to leverage our expertise and ensure the capture and preservation of your crucial online evidence.