Surveillance has been used for thousands of years to collect information and verify the truth. Due to our vast experience, our investigations firm can provide you with a calculated plan that will supply you with an estimate of the length of your investigation, all possibilities that could occur during the investigation, the estimated overall averaged cost, and a detailed map towards your goal.

Justin D. Hodson, CPI is an expert in mobile and stationary surveillance who has tackled many challenges in this type of investigation. Mr. Hodson is ready to consult you on your possible investigation today. Click here to contact Mr. Hodson.

Types of Surveillance we offer:

Since 1999 our firm has been conducting personal injury investigations. Our investigators are experienced in conducting surveillance level investigations in personal injury claims, auto accident claims or worker’s compensation claims. LEARN MORE

Our firm offers a full range of professional surveillance level investigations for infidelity or cheating investigations. Our professional licensed investigators are experienced in infidelity investigations and can help you get the information you are looking for. LEARN MORE

We have been conducting worker’s compensation investigations or subrosa since 1999. We offer a wide range of solutions to any case, big or small. LEARN MORE

We offer this service for Family Law and Child Custody Investigations. We offer true professional solutions for your family law case. We know how difficult and sensitive your family law case can be. We have worked 100’s of cases like yours and can help collect the information you need. LEARN MORE

Hodson P.I. has conducted theft investigations for 100’s of companies both large and small. Theft can come in many ways. It’s not always product being stolen, but could be time and money. Employee theft is one of the largest problems facing any industry today. LEARN MORE

Our firm can help with most any surveillance level investigation. Please contact us today with your questions. We are ready to assist you gather the information you need. Contact Us

Photos during surveillance