Investigator helping children have a better Christmas in Orange County, CA.

Firefighters can be heroes in many ways beyond the obvious. Not only do they put out fires and save lives, but they often without much fanfare improve the lives of those in need.


The Orange County Fire Services Association in conjunction with the Orangewood Children & Family Center is conducting “Shop with a Firefighter” just in time for the holidays. Recognizing the good that this could do for those who are less fortunate, Hodson P.I. has chipped in by making a donation to this cause.


Each child who participates is given a gift card. With a firefighter at their side, they can spend a large portion on clothing, school supplies, and personal necessities. With the remaining, the child may purchase toys, gifts for their family, or other items of personal interest.

Hodson P.I.’s contribution to OCFSA’s “Shop with a Firefighter” will hopefully brighten the holidays for five children in need.


“Christmas can be hard for a kid who doesn’t have as much as others around him,” Justin Hodson stated. “Often at this time of the year, a kid is often even more aware of how little his family has when they see the other kids at school with new toys and clothes. It can be tough.”


This time of year, especially hits Hodson hard as he remembers what it was like to grow up in a poor family. Now as a successful business owner, he hopes that his charitable effort makes the holidays a little more bearable for a child in need.


“I’ve been there before. I know how much it can mean to a kid to receive donated gifts and help.”


Hodson P.I. would like to thank the firefighters who donated their time to OCFSA’s “Shop with a Firefighter” and to all firefighters who have been working hard to knock down the fires that have plagued California in the past month.

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