Justin D. Hodson earned the Certified Professional Investigator designation

Certified Private Investigator - Hodson P.I.

Justin D. Hodson earned the Certified Professional Investigator designation from the California Association of Licensed Investigators. He has been a private investigator for over 20 years. He is the owner of Hodson P.I., LLC, and a renowned investigator within the industry that you can trust with your cases.

The CPI designation stands for Certified Professional Investigator.  This designation is earned through a tough vetting process set up by the Board of Directors of C.A.L.I. The applicant for this designation must be licensed for no less than three consecutive years and have earned numerous continuing education credits.  Once an applicant is qualified by the Board of Directors the applicant must take an exam.  The exam consists of a minimum of 100 questions that range from ethics to court procedure.  The exam is written and proctored by current and past C.A.L.I. board members.  To date, there are only 60 Certified Private Investigators in the United States.

The California Association of Licensed Investigators is the largest association of Licensed Private Investigators in the world.  C.A.L.I.’s goals are to advance the investigation and security professions. Association goals are met through educational programs and through aggressively advocating the needs of the profession in the government and state legislature.

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