In the Locate Investigations Department at Hodson P.I., the adept leadership of our esteemed Senior Case Manager, Kelly Hatch, plays a pivotal role. Kelly adeptly oversees a team of Case Managers, guiding them in the pursuit of precise and meticulous investigations. These investigations primarily revolve around the intricate task of locating individuals and procuring signed affidavits for insurance claims.

Within this domain, Kelly supervises a team of five professionals, each specializing in the nuances of locate investigations. Kelly’s portfolio consistently comprises a substantial workload of 20 or more active cases, reflecting her exceptional organizational acumen. Her responsibilities extend beyond direct case management, as she consistently provides expert guidance and assistance to her colleagues operating within her sphere of expertise.

Kelly’s qualifications are underscored by her academic accomplishments. A proud alumna of Michigan State University, she graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, complemented by a minor in psychology. With an impressive career trajectory spanning over a decade, Kelly has amassed invaluable experience in multifaceted management roles, further solidifying her reputation as an industry leader.

Through her comprehensive expertise, academic foundation, and extensive managerial tenure, Kelly Hatch exemplifies the epitome of professional excellence within the realm of case management at Hodson P.I.