The Reality of Locating People in 2021

The financial crisis of 2020 and the unknown future ramifications of COVID-19 have caused substantial changes to the legal and investigation professions.  One of these changes is finding people. Professional investigators are hired to locate people for a variety of reasons.  The motivations could be for service of legal paperwork, witnesses in a trial, a deposition, a missing family member, collection on a debt, and others. 

The financial system can play a big part in the success of a missing person investigation.  Frequently, preliminary information in investigations is gathered through data brokers and other resources that often rely on financial and marketing-related databases. These databases are populated by information gathered from individuals’ past and recent participation in the overall financial system.   

There is no question that the economy is slow with the Federal Reserve Chairman confirming this on January 27, 2021. Chairman Powell confirmed that we are still in recovery.  He said the resurgence in the virus has affected the economic recovery and will continue to for some time.

The Role of the Economy in Locating People

When economies are stable and job markets are secure, people are paying their bills, getting loans, buying cars, and participating in the U.S. financial system.  During a time when things are not steady, individual’s participation in the system can become stagnant because they are not paying bills, obtaining credit, being evicted, or losing a home. When their involvement becomes stagnant, so does the information being populated in the databases.  This can make locating people more difficult for average investigators. 

Luckily, the Hodson P.I., LLC team are not just average investigators.  Having an experienced investigator is important in times like these.  Hodson P.I. has been through downturns in the economy and understands the challenges of difficult locate investigations.  We know how to conduct investigations effectively and diligently when information is not readily available.  If you elect to hire Hodson P.I., you will get a dedicated and experienced investigator that knows the challenge ahead, in good times and bad.

Hodson P.I., LLC is a California licensed professional investigations firm with a full staff of qualified professionals ready to assist with your difficult locate investigations.  You can trust the firm headed by Justin D. Hodson, CPI., who has over 20 years of experience in locating individuals across the world.  


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