Happy Love Your Lawyer Day!

Today, November 2, 2018, is “Love Your Lawyer” day. We wanted to take some time to acknowledge our beloved lawyers and reflect on their hard work. Lawyers can often be the tagline of a joke, but it’s important to remember all the good they do. “Love Your Lawyer” day was started by an attorney named Nader Anise in 2001; his intention was to bring more positivity and respect to the lawyer’s public image. It became an official national day in 2015, on the first Friday of every November. The official tag used on social media is #LoveYourLawyerDay. They have also incorporated the Share the Love campaign; for every act of love a lawyer receives, they are encouraged to pass one on to someone else as well. The American Lawyers Public Image Association (ALPIA) has also started a campaign to eliminate lawyer jokes and bashing for one day, this day.

The History of Love Your Lawyer Day

Codes of law have been around since the time of the Babylonian King Hammurabi of Mesopotamia. There was code put in place to make sure such laws were enacted fairly, and judges could be fined if they were guilty of judging incorrectly. Codes of law have become more and more complicated, bringing about the need for our subject of the day, lawyers. These civil servants make sure civilization runs smoothly by defending people accused of crimes, representing those who otherwise would be helpless, and are the chosen few who see the darkest parts of humanity so that we don’t have to. ALPIA put this day together to remember exactly the hard work lawyers do, so that for one day, they are not subjects of jokes or complaints, but are subjects of kind words and thank yous. Without them, citizens would not be able to navigate the complicated and sometimes unfair world of law.

How do we celebrate “Love Your Lawyer” day? No lawyer jokes. Let’s celebrate them instead. Showing our appreciation for the time and energy they spend defending us is probably a well-deserved break from our otherwise constant reproval.

love your lawyer day
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