Lynette Gaspar is a Case Manager on the Hodson P.I. team. Lynette has been a part of the team since March 2021 and has quickly grown and been promoted twice within the first year. She started as an investigative analyst, then was promoted to an Assistant Case Manager, which lead to her receiving her current title of Case Manager. She manages the vehicle locate department and manages the cases we receive from both insurance adjusters and attorneys. Vehicle locate investigations consist of finding the vehicles as requested by our clients and then contacting the current vehicle owner to conduct a vehicle inspection. She uses a variety of methods to find vehicles both in the United States and sometimes in foreign countries.

Lynette Gaspar - Hodson P.I.

Lynette Gaspar has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton. She also came to us with service experience and accounting experience. Lynette is a quick learner and is a vital part of our team. She also is bilingual and handles our phone calls when the subject’s primary language is Spanish. Her daily tasks vary, but she does conduct a range of research for locating vehicles.

In her off time, Lynette enjoys spending time with her daughter and watching her favorite shows.